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Hi I am Carol , I am a passionate photographer that is obsessed with capturing people madly in love, light, nature and ocean. 

I have a candid yet editorial style that have as goal to captured raw love. But we are not afraid to provide direction to those who are camera shy in order to get the shoot with the most natural feel and to capture those in between moments of your special day. 

I love weddings  from the most intimate elopements to the big detailed weddings.

I  cherish that every couple has their own way to demonstrate love and celebrate it on their special day. What more special than photographing couples surrounded by the ones they love most on the happiest day of their life. 

I also love to photograph families playing and have the best time together .

I am a light chaser and an Ocean lover .

 I love to be able to tell stories always when is possible included the ocean on my Art. 

Little be more about me I am a wife to the love of my life, mother of three wild water  kiddos. When I am not shooting we are always on the beach , surfing or just adventuring around.

Based between California and Hawaii also available worldwide

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More about Carol 

Spotlight on Carol Oliva Photography by Borrowed and Blue

If you're planning a Monterey wedding, you've come to the right place! After chatting with Carol, we know for a fact that you'll be able to check "Find a Monterey wedding photographer" off of your wedding to-do list. Carol is the creative force behind Carol Oliva Photography & we had an absolute blast getting to know her while also learning about how photography became such a huge passion in her life. This girl is living out her photography dream by taking pictures of you on your big day, and there's nothing more beautiful than that. So, get ready to meet the wedding photographer you've been searching for, and make sure to check out Carol Oliva Photography on Borrowed & Blue & book this girl for your special day!

What led you to wedding photography?

I started my career photographing with radical sports, surfing most of the time. After I got married, the way I looked at wedding photography changed completely. It was such a special day in my life that I realized, what could be more special? What could be more special than photographing people in love, on one of the happiest days of their lives? And for me, it still had that unpredictable part, just like the surf photography, that you don’t know exactly how everything will go and that adrenaline of responsibility. I have to be there 100% in every second of the day. That was how I just fell in love with the wedding photography.

What do you love most about being a Monterey wedding photographer?

I just love to capture LOVE! Love between a couple, the love in their families - like the emotion of the mom and dad giving their daughter away. It is such a beautiful day and ceremony. I like the reactions on my clients' faces when they see my images, and when I am able to bring back all the emotions and feelings they had on their special day.

 If you weren't a professional photographer, what would you be doing?

I actually never had a plan B. Being a professional photographer has always been my only option. I could change genres, but not the profession. What has been your most memorable wedding to date?! Hard to say, every wedding is so different, it is such a cliché to say that, but it's true. Every couple has a way to demonstrate love and to celebrate. Every wedding is the most memorable, in their own way. I also love when we get so involved with the couple that they become friends and part of my life as well.

If you could choose one famous photographer throughout all space & time to spend a day shooting with, who would it be?

It's almost impossible to choose one name in photography. I love the art of photograph and that include so many styles. I definitely look up a lot to fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier. I also love Anne Leibovitz; she is just amazing! And I adore Brazilian photojournalist Sebastiāo Salgado, and of course Glamour photographer Sue Bryce.

If you only had three words to describe your photography style, what would they be?

Editorial. Unique. Romantic.

Your work has been published all over! If you've been to all of these countries, what were your two favorites and why?

I would say my work has been in more places than I actually have been to myself! I was born and in raised in Brazil. I lived in Hawaii for 10 years and now I live in Monterey, California. My favorite place in the world is Hawaii by far. But there are so many places that I want to go. My second favorite place is still to be found.

Tell us more about your former career in surf photography! Sounds amazing. That was how photography started for me.

I started photographing radical sports, like skateboarding and working on a commercial photography studio in Brazil. But it was the surf that made me follow my dreams. I was really passionate about doing surf photography in the water and just traveling the world. So I did, for a couple years, I was one of the few women to pursue surf photography. It brought me from Brazil to Hawaii and that was all I wanted to do until I fell in love with my husband and with wedding photography.

Do you have a favorite go-to magazine? If so, what is it?

I have a couple favorites! I like Vogue and BAZAAR. I also like photography magazines as well, like Photo and Rangefinder and of course, I love Martha Stewart Weddings. 

My Tribe - The Riddleberger Family

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Family photo by Rachel Zee

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